Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Washington D.C. 2

Washington D.C. has endless history...a cherished trip. old documents...the Magna Carta...Declaration of Independence...Bill of Rights
The Supreme Court

Loved this with the boys...International Spy Museum...We got drawn on many times with their secret spy pens that you can only see with their special light...the boys enjoyed tatooing us while we were sleeping.

Fastest paper airplanes in the world are made here

seeing the beauty...the slave camps...the workmanship and hardships...made us so-o-oo grateful for what we have, and helped us to appreciate our forefathers of this great country.
Holding hands with George Washington and his family!

It was fun to learn more about Abraham Lincoln...and our forefathers.

Joseph Smith in the Art Museum....AWESOME!

The Peterson House...across the street from Fords Theater


DUM DUM you got GUM GUM (Night of the Museum)

The Bell tower

resting at Mount Vernon on George Washingtons stoop overlooking the Potomac...Ahhhh!

David, Jaren, Doug Herdt and Kristy

our fun candy ladies at the evening gala

Ice cream became a lifesaver ...beating off some of that hot, humid air.

Our shoes became worn out tracking down all the monuments....

The Washington Monument made a great backdrop outside our hotel balcony.

Goofin Around!!!

Library of Congress

Our nightly ritual of....Pillow wars

The reflecting pond....

The Naval Academy A great museum with hands on....lots of information on the armed forces and items from the Pentagon.

A trip packed full of history...

Smithsonian fun....

Blast Off

The Mint, the Holocoust Museum, etc., etc., the adventures, the Metro...running up the stairs in the endless pits to beat the never ending escalators, the food, the friends, the fun, the amazing trip to remember!

relatives are found here....veterans....our heroes. ..

Arlington Cemetery

the change of guards...WOW!
A peace worth remembering...

Washington D.C. trip...
hitting the swimming pool
was especially fun every moment we could squeeze it in... it was especially nice to cool off from the amazingly scourching heat of well over 105.
David & Jaren

a private hole in the Capitol Building where you can hear what's going on almost anywhere, (a little secret of some of our Presidents...)

Our own personal guide...what a nice guy & so informed....we loved touring with him.

Embassy Row

The White House was spectacular.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So many little time...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Where did the time go....

Where did the time go....

Aaaack! The summer days of popscicles and lemonade have come to an end way too soon. The summer crickets have been replaced by the autumn breeze. The boys have outgrown pants, shoes and our baby has outgrown her toddler bed. The kids are scheduled once more as they return to the playgrounds and hit the books. I miss the noise of bustle and laughter that is now replaced by has become so quiet I can only hear my thoughts thundering through my head. That is... youngest makes herself known, I can hear her now as she storms through the door,finds me, and chatters nonstop on my lap about the adventures of Preschool...