Friday, February 20, 2009

Priesthood POWER

Putting on the Armor of God
Jarens 12th Birthday
Friends came to spend the day as we celebrated the new milestone in Jarens life. We started the day off with a Service Scavenger Hunt with the thought in mind,
"You are good, but it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others." --President Gordon B. Hinckley
The boys had one hour to complete several service objectives and race back for a treasure. Service was rendered to neighbors and ranged from vacuuming inside of cars, shoveling driveways, reading books to children, doing dishes, and an all time favorite of leaving snowmen in peoples yards, etc.,
The boys were so fun to listen to as they shared their adventures in serving others. Everyone was a winner and everyone came back with a GIANT smile.

Okay, I think Chad sometimes is the BIGGEST kid at heart!
An amazing game of Capture the Priesthood was played in capture the flag style. Snow wars began ....Of Course, Naturally. Watch out! Other games ensued including a game of Charades, Apples to Apples, Angels vs. Joker...
Watch OUT!

The boys had an all out DUEL from swords made of PVC pipe, duct tape and noodles. No armor was given, I had to close my eyes a ton during this part in the party.

Going out into the world---geared up and armor on.
A message was given from the movie, "Putting on the Armor of God", an old Seminary flick that everyone was given a copy of.... The words from the movies struck home to everyone.
As a mom of four, it is very hard sometimes to watch the bad things of the world tug and pull at our childrens lives....things that are there and very real. The total comfort that I have is given when I know that the armor has been put on, and that we can conquer, and also fight the battles of daily life and win the war...
Gratitude is felt when I know that my children have such amazing friends that stand beside each other, help one another and stand firm and tall in remembering who they are and what they stand for. What a blessing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

going to STATE


An evening full of awards and talent

Who would've guessed that so--oo-much fun filming would lead to this?

Cheers...Here's to creativity! Krispy Kreme was the place of choice to celebrate.

The WINNERS... a snapshot that will be placed in our local paper, The Standard Examiner.
Creativity is more important than knowledge--Albert Einstein.
Reflections contests helps children think outside the box, it lifts and inspires, brings out talents, encourages exploring and gives a sense of accomplishment. Inspiration took a while... but it came. It has been fun to watch Jaren and see where his talents will lead him.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a DAY with ME only $51.00...

Today Cade got his wish. He has been parading around a blue paper given to him by his teachers that says a parent can come with him on his ski field trip. Every day we have heard pleadings, begging, and oh, it will be so-OOO great if you could only come. Cade has had his heart set on his Dad going with him skiing and raved about how it would only cost him the mere price of $51.00 to spend the day with him....what a could his Dad pass it up? Chad has been extremely busy...more than usual...especially today of all days. An office party to conjure up, fires to put out, short staffed at work, meetings, and a guest speaker at our wards Enrichment night.
Cade absolutely LOVES to ski...especially with his Dad. He prepared all his gear last night, stuffed extra snacks in his coat pockets....just in case, and fluttered his baby blues one more time at his Dad who walked in from a day of work at 10:40 p.m. Cade could hardly sleep and waited to hear his Dads footsteps on the wood floors. Pleeeeease! I really just want to ski with YOU dad! This morning no promises were made....except, I'll try my best, ( which is the saying we always leave with our kids when they are expected to do something). The phone call came early afternoon...Hon, could you pick up some food for the office, call so and so and make sure the overhead projector is working, grab some ink and oh, I won't be at the office when you come by.....I'll be out SKIING with Cade O! Love ya....
My heart fell today...mostly from joy and love for the man I married. I just know Cade is having a BALL out on the slopes with his Dad today. I can't think of a better CHOICE.
If you make the time for your children in their growing years...they will make the time for you when they are grown--author unknown
Time together....worth WAY MORE than $51.00.