Monday, November 24, 2008

Dress days...& marshmallows

Play group is at our house...Marshmallow shooters are hours of long as you can eat as many as you blow out...what a great way to spend a cold afternoon.

Good Times...Great Friends

Dress ups are paired up with lots of glass slippers and high heels. Dancing becomes everyones favorite thing to do. The girls twirl so much to princess music that we all get Dizzy!

Ashlyn, Sienna, Brooklyn & Abby


Bluffridge Reflections Contest

Jaren entered the Reflections contest in 6th grade...(a requirement). He wanted to enter his project in video. The theme for the year was WOW! He came up with his idea of having dancing play dough in several screens dancing to Brahms forming the words Wow! Afterwards he used his own voice saying Wow...several times saying this is WOW!! It was pretty fun to see him do this project and work so hard. Here he is with some great friends anticipating the winners.

A definite winner...Jaren won 1st place in the video category.

Jaren, Jefferey, & David excited about the results...but even more excited about the prizes and the treats afterwards.

A grateful mom for such a great kid!!! I enjoy him with or without the awards.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bubblegum...BUBBLEGUM....Did someone say gum?

Brooklyn can hardly wait to race her friends to the nearest bubblegum machine that is placed conveniently by the exit door. Every time we go to tumbling...we aim for a higher extra attempted flip....extra time on the bunji cords...etc., but most of all...just a great time of having fun. The girls are motivated by gum...! Ashley, Abby and Brooklyn have so much gum in their mouths when we leave that they can barely talk. The threesome are so excited to tell me about their latest adventures...but are often left unheard, because of the giant wads of gum they consume on the ride home. Who would have guessed that so much joy could come from a giant gumball.

Ta Dah!! A look at me moment...and watch what I can do....I love this age...if only I could keep them little.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

my little tumbler

My Little Tumbler

My back hurts...just thinking about it.

Did someone say bungies?...
Brooklyn can... fly but Scary she says!

Abby, Brooklyn & Ashlyn

The Dream Team

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
Enjoying Grandma & Grandpa Fritz
Happy Halloween!We had our annual Halloween dinner with neighborhood friends...

Corbin Rich and Cade Hawks...the neighbors went all out.

Doug Patterson disguised as the Headless Horseman....YIKES!!

Ali, Kristy, Corrie....good friends, good times...

Enjoying the moment...Annual Halloween party in North Ogden.

We woke up to this amazing seemed to be made just for Halloween.

Did someone say more candy?

Jaren and all his buddies ready to party...

Seth, Brookly, and Coulson Rich....cutest kids EVER!

Enjoying the magical moments of dressing up...becoming someone else for a moment...and eating so-oo-oo much junk that our tummies hurt...scareing friends...having get togethers...spending the night with cousins till all hours of the night...after Halloween dinners, parties, and taking just one more handful of candy. We love to enjoy Halloween with our kids.

All you can eat soup, chili, rolls, and junk...

Playing fish at the Stowes Halloween Party

A dancing Princess Lea

Grandma and Grandpa Fritz give lots of hugs and donuts!!!