Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Monster Concert

String Instruments Blared through the night...

Violin lessons....carrying an instrument back and forth from school...early mornings...practicing...

Oh, how I thought this might be a short term fetish....but I was wrong.

The day Jaren craddled his new instrument in his hands....a love affair almost instantly began. Jaren came home after his first day of class and said his teacher wanted them to only pluck the strings for a while....but not this boy, he heard his teacher say that soon they would play songs that will become favorites. A mention of Jaws...the shark coming out of water was definately something Jaren couldn't wait to get his hands on,, he came straight home, with bow in hand and started scaring everyone with the Jaws performance he plucked out just like he had been playing the violin for years.

Honestly, I REALLY wanted him to perfect the piano first. But doing both was fun for him. After all, life is short and should be played hard. The hard work to get to this point has been fun to watch. A talented ear, plucks out beautiful music. Keep on playing Jaren. My only fear now, is...he has visions of an electric guitar, and maybe, just maybe the drums. Yikes!

More Cheesie Noodles......Please!

Mac & Cheese is ALWAYS a winner at playgroup.
Ashlyn, Abby, Brooklyn, Klair, & Sienna
Enjoying Mouthfuls of the gooey, yummy cheese laden noodles that fill small tummies. Without fail, it almost seems like they are having their own little noodle party. These girls go CRAZY over macaroni & cheese. So,basically, this has become our staple and almost a tradition every time the girls get together. They are SO darn cute!! YUM-O!!!

Exploring Cache County

This Is The Place
Dressing Up to present San Juan County

Cade and Austin showing off their floats....It was fun to see their eyes light right up when you asked them about their projects. Cool floats, guys! Way to go!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Double Digits

Look Who's 10!
Cade loves to tinker with pinballs and old game machines,so he chose to take a few friends to Nickel Cade...he jokes about the name, and says they named it after him. Cade was taken out of school on his birthday to go to lunch with his Mom and Dad at his choice of Crown Burger...he loves their pastrami burger, and hey, the fry sauce is so worth getting checked out of school for. We enjoyed visiting with him and he loved having an escape from the ordinary.

Ethan & Cade

What would a party be....without cousins?

An all out punching balloon war ensued the moment we got to home base.

Coin cups, racing, and telling quirky jokes while eating tacos made this day worth remembering. Cade is such a sweetheart, I love the life he breathes, the little sparkle that is in his eyes each day. I absolutely love this little boy who is growing up. I will continue to celebrate Cade. What a blessing it is to have him. I am so grateful he is a part of my life. Happy Birthday Cade.