Thursday, July 30, 2009

Promptings....keeping ME where I need to be...

staying HOME from NYLT...

Jaren Spending OODLES of time with Brooklyn

A heart felt prompting turned a fun packed week with a slew of Jarens friends at camp Bartlett to a halt. Sometimes I want to push Jaren towards the FUN of friends and ample opportunities so he doesn't MISS out. We don't ALWAYS know the reasoning behind things....we just know that we need to FOLLOW our hearts. So instead of camping, merit badge classes, learning skills of becoming a great leader, enjoying a hot and fun week with friends....we unpacked his bags, embraced a big hug and KNEW that our little guy...(that's not SO little, anymore), needed to be HOME with his family.

We worked on the Family Life merit badge, scoured places to do service work and MOSTLY enjoyed each other. Brooklyn, however, couldn't LEAVE her brother to himself. PLEASE show me how to put this dress on my Polly Pocket...Can we play tic tac toe, J-A-R-E-N...I NEED YOU to help me ride a TWO WHEELER, A STORY, the park, and come play DRESS ups with me and my friends....(I had to laugh at this one....he actually put on a BELLE dress and wig in a girl size 4....hilarious!!! Now that's dedication....or just something to pass time. Aren't Big brothers Great!?

Sickness did set in for a few days for Jaren..and who knows what COULD have been if he had NOT stayed home. Whatever was MISSED was BEYOND made up for in the Relationship that was built upon while we ENJOYED each other on the home front. (The Most Important work we can to our hearts,... and then follow them).