Thursday, May 13, 2010

My diamonds in the rough

and....their MINE!!!

Mothers day was full of whimsical nick knacks that my kids made at scouts and school as well as homemade cards pieced together. My husband who is so sweet, offered to buy me a Mothers Day gift last minute....comments were shared as to what would I like??? I really, honestly don't NEED anything, but really wanted a tiller so I could plant my garden in freshly churned soil. Wrestling with the clay patches every year in our backyard was enough to want anyone to cement the entire backyard in. A last minute trip to Sears and wish was granted and my back will not go out this year trying to till the garden up by hand, thanks sweetie!! My husband laughs at me and joked that maybe I will get him flowers or a spa treatment for Fathers Day. mmmmm....maybe not a bad idea.....

My favorite thing was the letter that my husband wrote that he does each year for me and for his own mother. I love the sweet gesture, and the time he takes to really put some thought into how he feels, I absolutely look forward to it every year.

The kids put a giant smile on my face as they brought home Primary letters on what they thought they knew about me.....such as....Did you know that my favorite dessert is frosting. And favorite restaurant is Arctic Circle, I am apparently NOT good at wrestling and I am having a good time having fun, and don't enjoy working. But hey, my favorite thing to do is play play and then play some more. My favorite song is Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, and I am a mere 31 years old?? I got an uplift at knowing I am good at EVERYTHING. ha, ha...and oh, I am definitely awesome and the bomb according to my second child who loved to draw bombs all over his Mothers Day tribute. Alas, my children might not know EVERYTHING about me, my favorite color, or even what my choice of flower is....but they do know I LOVE THEM. I know they know it, and I can see it in their faces as I reach out to hold and hug them over and over and over.

Gratitude hit me hard this Mothers Day. I recognize the sacrifices mothers make for their family is all worth it. The sacrifices are nothing compared to a lifetime of beautiful memories and precious lives that we get to help raise.