Sunday, September 19, 2010

A SLurPY kinda day...

My SMALL reminder.....of what's important...
Little arms make my BIG load seem light!

Today was one of those days....the weeds have overtaken the yard. I went to town with a bush trimmer, a rake and garden tools to get my yard into shape before the fall air hits our home front. My five year old got hold of the cleaning fever and ran back and forth between me and her dad. She sprayed off the cars and gathered weeds and debri to throw in the trash can. "I'm gonna help you and daddy today," she beamed.
Having been outside for half the day already she could see I was getting tired. "Dad...I need to help mommy some more" she gathered a handful of freshly cut bushes. We visited and visited and she asked me whose turn it was to do the dishes....mine I replied. "MOM, I'll be back in a minute." Twenty minutes later she ran outside to tell me she had done the dishes and cleared out the dishwasher. "Mom....I did the dishes for you so you can take a break....I even cleaned out the dishwasher!" As I about passed out she stated matter of factly," So, mom....does that mean, I don't have to make my bed tomorrow. Absolutely....NO bed making for you tomorrow, was my a smile hit my face.
She ran in to gather some tissue for my nose that began to bleed, due to the hot sun. " No worries mom....I will take care of you." We took turns going around and around our maple tree wrapping its trunk preparing it for the winter storms. We both laid down as Brooklyn stated, "Mom, let's be done about we just lay here under this big tree and you hold me?"
What a trooper. I was amazed at her thoughtfulness , her desire to help others. I stopped.....we didn't finish anymore that day. But even better....we laid down under the shade of the maple tree. We talked and talked some more. A trip to get a giant slurpee was made...and we sipped our drinks on the porch, and we visited some more. I was grateful for such an awesome daughter, a great friend....little hands that wanted to serve others. I was especially glad to stop and be reminded of the little things along my day.... I recognized what a big heart my little one has. She has so much love to share. Weeding and pruning, can make a yard beautiful. Time with my daughter, holding each other under our big shade tree ,and a day to sip slurpies....even better!